Napa Valley is an exciting place for wine lovers because of the great wide variety of wines found there. It can even be greater for an individual who is enthusiastic about wine and is looking for a new career. It is not grapes only that does well, in Round Pond Estate, quality olives are grown. The olive mills guide the tourists in the process of producing oils from scratch.

Good wine goes so well with good food. There is an opportunity to learn how to cook from Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. The Silverado Cooking School offers cooking lessons to anyone interested. And at the end of the cooking lesson, you get to enjoy the meal you prepared.


Fun at Napa

The Robert Louis Stevenson State Park in Napa is a good place for those who love to enjoy the nature. The weather is also perfect for walks through the trees, rolling hills and mountain climbing. Or, maybe relax at the Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch Resort. Get massage and bath with mineral-rich mud and fresh water from the hot spring. The resort also offers yoga classes, painting lessons, hot air balloon riding, hiking, and biking.


History and Art

Napa Valley Historical Society has put together pieces of Napa’s history and there is an art exhibition for those interested. Experienced tour guides offer tours and lectures and visitors are allowed to purchase artwork that has caught their eyes.


About Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard offers an in-house tasting of their wines. An independent wine guide who has been provided with experienced mentor-ship and online training visits clients home, give information and samples of wines before the client purchases. The fact that a client does not need to go out and gets all information on the different wines, make this business model work like magic. Traveling Vineyard has massively grown since the first time in 2001.

The Traveling Vineyard receives a lot of positive reviews in social media. Many of their customers think it was a genius idea to come up with that model. The guides love to work for the organization. They choose their schedule, work environment, and income. They also enjoy their work because to be a guide you have to love wine and love educating people.

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