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In the dynamic world of technology, there have been several exciting discoveries and inventions as well as improvements. The latest one being a program by Talk Fusion that creates an actual time information channel called Live Meetings. The system puts into use WebRTC as well as other upgraded interfaces. This recent version was revealed to the public during a live broadcast by the founder of Talk Fusion, Mr. Bob Reina.


The product has the ability to support 15 facilitators and a maximum of 500 people as the audience. It brings convenience in arranging meetings and presentations. The participants can gain access through internet browsers on their gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, desktop computers or tablets. The product is not only highly compatible with the gadgets but also saves time and increases convenience as no installations are required.


Talk Fusion makes use of developed technology as a competitive weapon against its rivals. It also embraces effective marketing and advertising methods in a bid to gain more customers. The improved video and audio quality has proven very helpful in communication to the moderate users and professionals alike. This is all courtesy of WebRTC. The software is easy to use hence proves to be beginner friendly.


The company upholds innovation, creativity, quality improvement and assurance, as well as reliability to the customer above competition. This gives it an upper hand during customer preference and choice.


The brain behind this massive project, Bob Reina, studied at Florida and later became a law enforcement officer. He quit his job after several years and joined the world of business as a network marketer. Together with Jonathan Chen, they developed Video Email. It is from this invention that developments and modifications have been performed to the current version.


Bob Reina gives back to the society through donations to orphanages and nonprofit organizations. He has changed the lives of many people in different ways, either by helping them live or realize their dreams or by helping them achieve their goals. He has helped the needy in the society with his time and providing for their needs. Bob has also aided calamity victims in various parts of the world. Learn more:

How Jason Hope Expect The Internet Of Things To Change Everything

Jason Hope has said that the next evolution in technology, the Internet of Things, will be the biggest and longest lasting one yet. With the Internet of Things, all types of devices such as appliances, street lights, cars, and so on will be able to sync over the internet and exchange information. This will lead to a world where that is not just more convenient but one that is safer, more efficient, and less wasteful.

Mr. Hope has said that businesses are already in a fierce competition to provide the best, most useful apps and appliances to consumers, other companies, and governments. Among the many improvements will be being able to control your entire home even when you’re not there, better transportation, less pollution, and more safety due to things like fewer accidents and better emergency response times.

Jason Hope is a technologist that lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He made his name and fortune in the technology industry, especially in the mobile space. He is also a futurist and regularly gives his opinion on where he sees the technology industry is headed.

Mr. Jason Hope invests in a number of technology companies that he believes are going to be highly successful. He also supports educational causes that will produce the technology entrepreneurs of tomorrow. To that end, he has created a grant program that supports students and young entrepreneurs. As he has said, many young people have amazing ideas but lack the financial means to see them through.