Jason Hope has said that the next evolution in technology, the Internet of Things, will be the biggest and longest lasting one yet. With the Internet of Things, all types of devices such as appliances, street lights, cars, and so on will be able to sync over the internet and exchange information. This will lead to a world where that is not just more convenient but one that is safer, more efficient, and less wasteful.

Mr. Hope has said that businesses are already in a fierce competition to provide the best, most useful apps and appliances to consumers, other companies, and governments. Among the many improvements will be being able to control your entire home even when you’re not there, better transportation, less pollution, and more safety due to things like fewer accidents and better emergency response times.

Jason Hope is a technologist that lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He made his name and fortune in the technology industry, especially in the mobile space. He is also a futurist and regularly gives his opinion on where he sees the technology industry is headed.

Mr. Jason Hope invests in a number of technology companies that he believes are going to be highly successful. He also supports educational causes that will produce the technology entrepreneurs of tomorrow. To that end, he has created a grant program that supports students and young entrepreneurs. As he has said, many young people have amazing ideas but lack the financial means to see them through.