Also known as a Balancing Trabuco, the Trabuco is a war device that was used in the ancient days. From its definition, it is evident that there were various types of Trabuco used globally. The Trabuco was a blockade machine that was utilized by many kingdoms in wars during the Middle Age Period.

Many kingdoms used the Trabuco tool to attack and destroy huge walls that were constructed by their enemies. The enemies used the massive walls to act as protection during wars. In those, the Trabuco was a very famous machine for the immense destruction on the enemy zones. The machine was very powerful that it was used to demolish the enemy holdings and wall surrounding. The Trabuco was utilized by armies to project and send the missiles that had weights of up to 140 pounds. The armies launched the projectiles at their desired speed to the enemy that they have chosen. In order to cause a huge destruction, the Trabuco was to be launched at a very high speed. During the European Crusade era, the Trabuco was used to injure and kill those people that were opposing the spread of Christianity at .

How It Works

The Trabuco is designed to transform and transfer the potential energy in the counterweight of the effort side where the lever is situated according to The potential energy is then converted to kinetic energy. The kinetic energy then sets and drive the missiles to the target that you have chosen. However, the device was not very effective. This is because some of the potential energy was lost in the form of friction during the launching of the projectiles. Moreover, there was also some heat energy that was lost within the device. The device worked under a law (the weight of the projectile was directly proportional to the speed of the missile). Therefore, using an average amount of weight, the Trabuco could launch missiles to about 800 meters.

Trabuco Evolution

The Trabuco was designed as an advancement of the catapult and sling. In order for the Trabuco to cause a lot of destruction, it was constructed to carry a lot of weight.

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