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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Workers Right In Philadelphia- Karl Heideck

2017 began with a lot of hope and excitement workers in Philadelphia after the signing of a new law by Jimmy Kenney who is the mayor of the region. The new law was signed in January 23rd and it made Philadelphia among the first Cities in the United States of America to defend workers from giving their employees their salary history. Nevertheless, the signing of the new law did not come without a challenge as days before its validation the Chamber of commerce for Greater Philadelphia came up with some challenges which claimed that the new law was not supported by the Constitution. Below is an explanation of the challenges the new law faced before its signing and how it was signed.


The law’s explanation
The Human Rights Resource Management noted that the law makers did all they could to fill the gap between the male and the female workers in Pennsylvania. In order to bring the required effect the lawmakers made sure that several rules are incorporated which includes;
• Punishing those staff members who refused to give their salary history
• As king job applicants to give information about their previous salaries.
• Using candidates salary information without their permission
• Authorizing job applicants to give their previous salaries for them to get employment.

Philadelphia is the first one to pass such laws but according legislators is not the last one. Other Cities including California and Washington D.C are considering the importance of employment equality.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer by professional. Karl has been listed among the top counsel Attorneys in the United States of America. Karl Heideck is responsible for assisting staff with risk management issues as well as compliance services. Mr. Heideck is also a writer who has a blog that assist Pennsylvanians understand more about law and how it operates.

Karl Heideck completed his High School education and he knew what he wanted in life. He joined Swarthmore College in 2003 for his Undergraduate degree and later Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009 for his law degree. He began his practice as lawyer and besides working for various law firms in Philadelphia; Karl Heideck has also represented private citizens as well as companies as a lawyer.

Jeremy L. Goldstein Gives Insight Regarding the New York Legal Referral Portal

The residents of New York have a great opportunity in getting one of the best legal representation. There is now a brand new convenient, efficient, and very reliable way of finding a lawyer. The New York State method is an initiative to help people who are searching for top notch lawyers in their legal representation. The online portal is very efficient as it can be accessed remotely and it is available all day long.


Since most clients often require a lawyer in times of great stress and anxiety, this service is a swift and convenient way to give low-pressure services to the clients. Thus, the clients have built confidence in it and are also confident that it will deliver quality attorneys that would match their needs. This is because there are attorneys who are highly qualified and have great experience in legal matters. The attorneys are also recognized and accredited by the New York Bar Association which is a clear indication that they are the best for the job.


The development of this online portal was made possible by an online technology firm that offers technological solutions pertaining legal matters, The company is renowned for dealing with referral technology in the legal industry.


The online portal is very easy to use. First, the client gains access to the website and fills up a confidential questionnaire about his or her complaint or need. At the same time, one also gives out their location. Then the State Bar personnel assign an attorney who is qualified to handle the client’s issue and who is located in a nearby location. In the case where the client resides among the 17 counties of the State of New York, there is a lawyer referral service. This means that the system then refers the client to the respective county bar association.


One of the most respected attorneys is Jeremy L. Goldstein who is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is a law firm that deals with advising compensation committees. Jeremy L. Goldstein has a J.D from the great New York University of law. Moreover, Jeremy L. Goldstein has an M.S from the University of Chicago.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter @jgoldsteinlaw1.